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PORTALS for connection, concert streaming and meetings

Undiscovered Music – A portal for both artists and venues to use, Undiscovered Music connects you with the thousands of talented musicians out there that have opted out of the traditional music industry and joined the growing DIY (do it yourself) movement. These artists generate most of their income from live shows – traveling across the United States (and around the world) to bring their music to fans in house concerts, listening rooms, coffeehouses, public libraries, vineyards, cafes & restaurants and other small venues. With many venues closing down because of Corona virus concerns, we’ve added a listing of live streamed shows you can watch at home.

The Online Concert Thing – an easy plug-and-play streaming service for ticketed online concerts.

StageIt – Stageit is a virtual stage that allows Performers to make money from LIVE, interactive experiences while offering their fans a front row seat to a backstage experience.

Facebook Live – Live is a good way to connect with viewers in real time on their phones, computers, and in their living rooms through the Facebook Watch TV app. Live videos on Facebook can be viewed by anyone, whether they have a Facebook account or not.

ZoomZoom leads modern enterprise video communications with easy, reliable video/audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, webinars across all devices and spaces. – Get the freedom to do more with free Online Meetings including HD audio, screen sharing & video conferencing.

YouTube Live – YouTube Live is an easy way to reach your audience in real time. Whether you’re streaming a video game, hosting a live Q&A, or teaching a class, our tools will help you manage your stream and interact with viewers in real time.

Streamlabs – Helping creators make a living doing what they love. Alerts, Donations, and many more tools for streamers looking to increase viewer engagement and spruce up their stream.

mySet – mySet lets live musicians and DJs broadcast their upcoming events, interact with fans in the crowd, and let them request a song or send a tip.

Article: Top 4 Platforms for Streaming Live Musicvia the Aeseaes Stream Production blog.

Asana – With Asana’s work management platform, your team can stay focused on their goals, projects, and tasks—no matter when or where they work.

Focusrite PodcastersAs a podcaster, just starting out, or a seasoned pro, your priority is making sure your listeners can hear your content; loud and clear. Watch our getting started videos for some helpful tips from veteran podcasters so that you can get that perfect set-up in minimal time and with simple operation, so that you can focus on getting on with doing what you love; podcasting!

JamKazam is an innovative live music platform and social network, enabling musicians to play music together in real time from different locations over the internet as if they are sitting in the same room. The core platform is free to use and delivers immense value:
​.​Play music from home with your friends and bandmates without packing and transporting gear, and without needing a rehearsal space
​.​Connect with new musician friends from our community of thousands of musicians to play more often, explore new styles, learn from others
​.​Find musicians to join your band, or find a band to join, either virtual on JamKazam, or real world to meet and play in person
​.​Schedule sessions or jump into ad hoc jams
​.​Make and share recordings or session performances via Facebook or URL
​.​Live broadcast sessions to family, friends, and fans
​.​List your band for hire to play gigs at clubs and events
​.​List yourself for hire to play studio sessions or lay down recorded tracks remotely

Acapella​-​Record, edit and share original music all from your mobile device
​-​Sing, play and collaborate with up to 9 instruments and/or musicians
​-​Record multiple users’ audio and video tracks, and sync them to create one unique track
​-​Optimize sound with EQ, noise gate and processor
​-​Built-in metronome
​-​Pan audio left or right
​-​Add logo as a watermark

StreamYard – StreamYard is a live streaming studio in your browser. Interview guests, share your screen, and much more. Stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms.


MusiCares Coronavirus Relief Fund – The Recording Academy® and its affiliated charitable foundation MusiCares® have established the COVID-19 Relief Fund to help our peers in the music community affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The FAR-West Folk Musicians Relief Fund – The Folk Musicians Relief Fund, under the umbrella of FAR-West, provides assistance to all types of career musicians associated with FAR-West who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability, or age-related problems.

AFM – American Federation of Musicians – COVID-19 Resources from the American Federation of Musicians.

Folk Alliance International – COVID-19 Resources from Folk Alliance International.

Northwest FolklifeCOVID-19 Resources from Northwest Folklife.

Arts Emergency Relief Fund – COVID-19 Resources from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

Keeping People Safe and Informed About the Coronavirus from the Facebook Newsroom COVID Support Hub … taking steps to connect people to accurate information and support global health experts, local governments, businesses and communities being affected.

Songwriters Guild of America – “The Songwriters Guild of America, in conjunction with American Continental Group, have compiled the latest information on resources for music creators who are in need of financial relief during the current shutdown caused by the COVID19 virus.”

Music Covid Relief – “Welcome to, a resource brought to you by our partners in the U.S. Music Community to help music professionals access information and applications to receive benefits made available by the CARES Act (Phase III of the Coronavirus Stimulus bill signed into law March 27, 2020).”
On this page you will find links to information  on:
​.​How to receive unemployment as a result of losses from the COVID national emergency
​.​How to receive  small business loans, advances and loan forgiveness  related to the COVID national emergency
​.​Organizations providing relief and potential  grants  from the  National Endowment for the Arts
Additional resources from other organizations

Career OneStop / Coronavirus – The U.S. Department of Labor and other government agencies have resources to help workers and employers respond to impacts of the COVID-19 virus (also called coronavirus).

Click here for a COVID-19 resource hub populated by a variety of industry sources

Click here for Coronavirus advice from the World Health Organization

Click here for the latest travel notices and alerts from the CDC

Click here for guidance from the CDC regarding events and large gatherings

Click here for an informational Coronavirus toolkit from the US Travel Association

Click here for Coronavirus resources from the Meetings Mean Business Coalition

Click here for Coronavirus updates from The Events Industry Council

Click here for an update on Coronavirus global cases from Johns Hopkins CSSE

Facebook for Business / Busness Resource Hub

The Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project has been created to amplify the efforts of organizations that focus on helping those most in need, beginning with those listed on their website. Spotify is making a donation to these organizations and will match donations made via this page dollar for dollar up to a collective total of $10 million.

The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving life for all Angelenos. Uniquely positioned at the crossroads of local government, business, philanthropy, and the non-profit sector, the Fund facilitates the communication and collaboration vital to solving Los Angeles’ most complex challenges.
The Fund selects programs on the basis of their ability to engage public and private resources, demonstrate collaboration, seek innovative solutions, and yield measurable, transformational impact.
The Fund is supported by private donations and is overseen by an independent Board of Directors.

Artist Relief –  To support artists during the COVID-19 crisis, a coalition of national arts grantmakers have come together to create an emergency initiative to offer financial and informational resources to artists across the United States.


Music Connection Magazine Resources Page

IBMA Bluegrass Community Resources during COVID-19


Covid-19 Music Festival – Robert Zucker invites all entertainers to post a song or video on this page that they feel is appropriate for the age of the pandemic we are living in. Robert Zucker manages The Higley Center in Gilbert, Arizona and also AMAZ Entertainment.

Music Live Online – gently down the stream – The main purpose of this page is to provide daily calendar listings of where and when musicians will be streaming performances online so that fans will be able to find them easily, and help support the artists they love during this ongoing crisis.

FAR-West Friends Discussion – is for informational things that you and your colleagues and music friends can use plus discussion.

FAR-West Gigs – where you should post upcoming shows, streaming shows, radio shows, wherever you are appearing.

FAR-West Open Words – FAR-West Open Words is a general group about storytelling in all walks of our lives … whether you’re a musician, storyteller, lawyer, or any other business. Gig posts are allowed in here but please keep those to a minimum …. we would prefer to limit posts to articles and discussions or videos about the various ‘open words’ parts of our lives.

Folkworks – the Facebook group for FolkWorks, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Folk / Roots / Trad Music, Dance, Storytelling and related Folk Arts.

Viral MUSIC–Because Kindness Is Contagious – This group is a marketplace to connect music lovers and small, independent musicians who would typically be making their living from playing in front of audiences during these hard days of social isolation, and to keep the music playing.

Support Local House Concerts – A common portal for those who have interest in attending, performing and hosting in home house concerts and or listening rooms. Those who are performing artists and or those that support original live music.

The House Concert European Hub – The Euro House Concert Hub is now an Online Portal to help artists connect with their fans & audience during the corona virus outbreak. We are inviting artists and offering publicity support to use our system for your live stream.

Coronavirus Song Circle 2020 – The COVID-19 global pandemic is a marker in all our lives, sobering and disruptive. However, artists always seem to rise to the occasion. Please share your songs, live streams or “isolation jam sessions” here!

Ellen Berman’s Corona Classic Concert Series – Bringing you great live stream concerts. The Coronavirus scare has put a lot of professional musicians out of work. So…we hired them to play for you. Ellen Berman’s Viral Video Productions Presents!!

Sequesterfest – Livestreaming Music Festivals – Musicians are coming together to provide all our live-show deprived hearts with an epic live streaming event! Missoula to start, more cities coming soon! See link to find out how to enjoy live music at home.

Uncancelled Music – Bringing together musicians, fans, and venues from around the globe affected by the COVID-19 crisis for a virtual concert experience. “With live music making up a large chunk of income for musicians at large, Maietta said creating more live opportunities is crucial to helping artists and local venues in particular maintain some source of revenue while mass gatherings aren’t an option. ‘Our goal is to reintroduce live element back into these musicians’ and venues’ lives to help try and sustain these closures.’ ” April 2nd, 2020 Rolling Stone article about this series.

Skinner & T’witch’s Pick n’ Mix Social Club is a space where you can:
* Post your live at home videos – songs, poems, jokes, stories, magic tricks etc.;
* Come along to virtual singarounds, hosted by us (dates/times tbc);
* Tune in to Pick n’ Mix Artist Showcases, with live performances from anywhere in the U.K., or abroad (artists / dates / times tbc); and
* Watch our own live streamed sets, featuring some brand new songs (dates/times tbc).
It’s all about having fun, supporting and encouraging one another, and generally spreading the love.

Live Streaming NewsletterStaying ‘Safe at Home’ doesn’t mean losing touch with live music! While ​the Live at the A-Frame shows are on hiatus, we’ll do our best to keep you updated with active links to the latest live-streamed shows by many of our favorite artists.
If you’re a singer-songwriter – or know of one – with an upcoming event, please contact us so we can include it in our next newsletter. Stay connected – and please support our artists. Music cures all manor of ills in this crazy world!

Music Emerging’s “Inspiring Talks” is a facebook livestream every Sunday at 11a.m. with host Cynthia Brando and features folks in the music industry in an unscripted conversation about the music journey, struggles and breakthroughs.

Quarantine Concerts Worldwide – Quarantine Concerts will share and promote live music events to help audiences stay connected to their favorite musicians, and working musicians who have lost many of their paid performances to stay afloat during a challenging time for artists. This is also a great platform for music fans to find new music so please help us spread the word by sharing the page and shows with your friends! While the world is keeping us apart, let’s let the music bring us together!


FAI Community Live-Stream Concerts – Folk Alliance International created this database to list our community’s upcoming live-stream concerts in lieu of in-person shows during the COVID-19 public health crisis. If you would like to submit your upcoming show, you can submit your information here. You do not need to be an FAI member to submit.
Please share this page! They will be updating it daily with new submissions. We hope that this resource helps our community connect with each other while we navigate this tough time.
Note: We are only able to update this page during the week. If you have any shows during the weekend, please make sure to submit those by Friday.

Meetup – Meetup is a platform for finding and building local communities. People use Meetup to meet new people, learn new things, find support, get out of their comfort zones, and pursue their passions, together.

MeWeis the Social Network built on Trust, Control & Love. No Ads, No Targeting & NO BS. You are our customer, your data is Not4Sale to advertisers/marketers.

IBMA Online Concert Calendar – Click HERE to view a list of online concerts hosted by great bluegrass and roots music artists! We are constantly updating the spreadsheet as more information becomes available. Keep in mind that artists are providing these online concerts because their live performances (and the income that comes with them) have been cancelled. Please consider a donation to the artists.


Folk Music NotebookFolk Music Notebook is a hub for the contemporary folk music community – blending the familiar with the yet to be discovered. The channel offers around the clock folk songs, old and new, including programs from some of the finest broadcasters in the folk music field!

KC Cafe Radio – Bridging the gap between performer and consumer; to create a bridge between performing artists and the people who are hungry for new and unique musical entertainment.

The Working Songwriter PodcastJoe Pug hosts one of the most interesting and information-packed podcast for and about songwriters. A monthly deep-dive into the inner-workings of established and up-and-coming songwriters.

Coddy Nuckles’ The Grumpy Geezers Radio Show – Imagine, if you will, a retirement community out in the middle of nowhere, populated with all the folks you knew in high school…the good, the bad and the truly awful. Now, imagine them all in their 70s, 80s and beyond, pretty much like they were then, only more so. The Geezers – Coddy Nuckols, Matthew Faison and E.Z. Bumbershoot – are long-time friends and Navy vets who claim their show is aimed at an audience of their fellow residents at Kozee Acres – and anyone within ear-shot who still has a functioning brain and the will to use it. The Grumpy Geezers Radio Show features original songs, request letters from fellow “inmates,” and the usual rantings of the elderly. You won’t want to miss an episode.

Brad Colerick’s Wine & Song Podcast – Description from Nalini Lasiewicz

The Home Routes Podcast Podcasting from Home Routes Headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, The Home Routes Podcast is hosted by Artistic Director Tim Osmond with regular contributions from Executive Producer Leonard Podolak.
The Podcast includes cross-country check-ins with Artists and Hosts who are a part of our vast home concert network.
We will be discussing tips, tricks and lessons that will help hosts who are integral to the success of our tour routes.
We will be hearing from artists who are out on the road entertaining audiences from Newfoundland to the Yukon and we will be sharing their music, stories and laughs along the way.
Subscribe today to Home Routes Radio wherever you get your podcasts OR simply come and listen online from our website. and look for the PODCAST tab.


Evangeline PresentsRepresenting the finest songwriters and musicians in American Roots Music.
Management, booking and promotion for independent artists and organizations. Now pioneering the path forward for independent artists in the time of COVID-19.
EVANGELINE ELSTON has over fifteen years experience working in music management, booking, promotion, concert and festival production and publicity.
Services include: tour booking, artist management, tour and album publicity, concert production and promotion, artist advocacy, on-line concert and festival production, promotion and publicity.

AMAZ Entertainment – AMAZ Entertainment was founded in March of 2000 and has grown steadily over the years into a full service management and booking agency.


Vicki Green is a Performing Artist Coach based in Portland. In person and online, Vicki helps musicians and bands across the US and internationally to focus on their artistry and to work toward a deeper and more fulfilling artistic life. She also teaches live performance master classes for music conferences, festivals, camps and musicians’ organizations, and she is a CD pre-production consultant and studio vocal tracks producer for independent recording artists. She occasionally posts on her website her in-depth conversations about performing with world-class performers. Vicki has been a professional in the performing and media arts for over 40 years.

McFaul Artist Coaching and Professional ServicesMary McFaul has made a living in artist management, concert booking, marketing and promotion for over 40 years. She now offers her expertise and insights to artists of every stripe as a coach / consultant.
Emerging artists as well as seasoned professionals engage her services when they are: creating a release plan, deciding the value of attending that music conference, writing their bio, figuring out how to get gigs, dealing with that troublesome band mate, etc. Her one on one conversations range from the purely practical to the magical.
Mary’s motto is “Your career begins with how you think about it. Let’s talk.” She conducts her sessions by phone and offers a free initial call. If you’ve got something on your mind, please contact her at

Karrie Pavish Anderson, Music Business ConsultantCreative, customized ways to develop your music business: booking & performing, merch, and other money makers.
“Karrie is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to booking, touring, and artist development. Following our first meeting, she emailed me a detailed list of all the information that we covered and links to many resources. As I continue to build my label, I will call upon Karrie as a much needed consultant. For any artist that needs help and direction in their music career, I highly recommend that you get in touch with Karrie and retain her services. You will be glad that you did.” ​ –Michael Thomas Peterson, CEO of Blue Tree Records


Ari’s TakeAri’s Take is an artist development and music business education company, founded by Ari Herstand, with the mission of challenging the traditional music industry status quo by enabling and empowering artists to have successful careers in music.

MailChimp Consulting – Email Marketing Support—Are you intimidated, stuck, or new to email marketing? NPR-featured folk-rock artist Licity Collins loves email marketing through Mailchimp and wants to help you love it too. Licity will show you how to define who you are and put yourself into your email engagements. When your audience reads your emails, they will feel like they actually had a conversation with YOU. That’s what keeps them opening your emails—when they see your name in their inbox, they will smile.

Derek Sivers – Blog, podcast and more from the creator of CD Baby and Host Baby who has been a musician, producer, circus performerentrepreneurTED speaker, and book publisher.


Brown Paper Tickets – Event ticketing and registration tools for any gathering.

Tickly – Tikly is a ticketing platform that offers lower service fees, opens revenue streams for bands / venues / organizations and places tickets back in the hands of the talent & event organizer. Tickly is available to FAI members to sell tickets and collect donations for live-streaming shows without any associated Tikly fees. This offer will remain available as long as the CDC recommends against gathering in public venues.


Online ukulele lessons, for kids or adults – Online ukulele lessons, for kids or adults! Zoom, FaceTime or Skype – your choice. $15 / 30 minutes. (Paypal preferred)
​Charlotte Thistle specialize in teaching children and ha​s an easy, accessible curriculum especially designed for students ages 6-9. Email agirlwithaguitar (at) netos (dot) com or check out her website for more info:

Steve Eulberg provides personalized instruction and support for people who wish to play stringed instruments and hand percussion (guitar, mandolin, mountain and hammered dulcimer, autoharp, djembe, bodhran).  It is his goal to help you define and successfully reach your musical goals, and have fun while doing so. Steve offers a Personalized Program of Learning and Support​.
Support and guidance with humor and understanding, drawing on a broad palette of ideas and examples to help you grasp and internalize the concepts.  Long-Distance lessons are delivered via Zoom.  Details are on his website.

Private Online Voice Instruction ~ Susie Glaze Acclaimed Los Angeles powerhouse vocalist Susie Glaze shows you how to use your voice for folk and bluegrass singing styles, with a focus on how classic vocal technique translates into producing sounds for the folk and bluegrass genres.  This pathway to better singing goes to the heart of the essentials for good production and styling.  Topics of study include breath control, phrasing, sound production techniques, ear training, tone placement, emotional connection and a little cultural back story for added interest and scholarship.  Bring songs and subjects to these online one-on-ones via the Zoom conferencing platform. For more information contact
Award-winning recording artist, Broadway singer, journalist, educator and critically-acclaimed powerhouse vocalist, Susie Glaze has been called “one of the most beautiful voices in bluegrass and folk music today” by Roz Larman of KPFK’s FolkScene, and LA Weekly voted her ensemble Best New Folk in their Best of LA Weekly for 2019, calling Susie “an incomparable vocalist.”  “A flat out superb vocalist… Glaze delivers warm, amber-toned vocals that explore the psychic depth of a lyric with deft acuity and technical perfection.” LA Weekly.

The American Banjo Museum has created an Online Instructor Database. If you are looking to learn a new instrument or sharpen your skills, this is a great resource with an updated list of instructors.


DONALD McCREA MECHANICAL ARTS builds websites for artists; custom built to your specifications… Here a couple of examples: and Contact for more information.

The Website Atelier – A boutique website design firm specializing in artistic, mobile optimized, beautiful and effective sites for solopreneurs and small companies that need marketing and business guidance, not just a pretty website. Savana Rose creates beautiful mobile optimized fresh sites for entrepreneurs of all kinds including musicians. And she has a special platform template for musicians that want to highlight their videos and charge for viewing them. Plus some other high value elements included. 

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