What Happens at FAR-West?

• What happens at the conference?

People connect, presenters audition acts for their venues, festivals and concert series’, new collaborations are born, late night song circles go on until dawn, friends are made, seeds are planted, skills are learned, light bulbs come on, paths are paved and many have said that they have found their tribe. What seldom happens at a FAR-West Conference is sleep.

• What educational opportunities are available at the conference?

The conference includes a variety of educational panels, workshops geared toward artists at all levels as well as presenters, venue owners, DJs and artist support consultants. Master classes provide artists with a unique opportunity to learn new or hone existing skills under the tutelage of true masters who love to nurture and support the FAR-West community.

• How can I speak on a panel or give workshop or master class at FAR-West?

We RARELY schedule single speaker workshops at FAR-West. We depend on expertise within our community and we program panels and workshops each year with specific goals in mind based on the needs of our community. You may contact this year’s Panels and Workshops Chair with suggestions.

• Are speakers and instructors compensated?

No. FAR-West is first and foremost a community and we draw from this community to create our educational programs. No one is compensated for speaking or giving classes at FAR-West.

• How can I get noticed at the conference?

There are many promotional opportunities to help you make the most of your conference investment, including our exhibit hall, program book advertising, tote bag and other sponsorships. Many artists also print special post cards with their contact information and FAR-West showcase schedule to pass out to those they connect with at the conference. Please note there will be NO paper flyers or posters allowed to be posted on the hotel premises, other than tasteful signage immediately on or outside the Private Guerrilla Showcase Room doors.

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