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JUST PUBLISHED! Monday, March 1st
Lockdown Lemonade #19- Priorities by Russell Paris
You can read all Previous Lockdown Lemonade posts from Marlynn Block, Ken Holme, deb Ewing, James Lee Stanley, Bonnie Beckman, Pat Nason, Simon Petty, Gary Paul, Celia Chavez, Deborah Crooks, Judy Nazemetz, Hillorie McLarty, Brett Perkins, Thanksgiving Edition, Julie Zipperer, Susie Glaze, Tracy Newman, Brad Colerick and Art Podell at https://far-west.org/lockdown-lemonade/
Next FAR-West Campfire ~ Tuesday, March 16, 7:00 pm PT ~ 
“Spring Break” ~ 
Sing us songs about things that break or are broken; 
broken hearts, broken promises, broken bones, daybreak, coffee break, etc. ~ 
Register for the Zoom linkhttps://bit.ly/3oa3Vti
FAR-West Presents Best of the West and Beyond:
Chris Hillman Interviewed by Journalist Randy Lewis 
Premiering March 3, 2021 at 4 PM PST on YouTube.com/farwestconference
Press Release: https://bit.ly/3barSxr
The archives of our first two (2) FAR-West Teaches: 
“Stream Now, No Waiting”
with Dan Navarro are now available for viewing!
Co-Hosts: Joel Tepp & Julie Maxey Zipperer
Dan Navarro’s Steam Now, No Waiting ~ Part 3 
~ March 4th, at 2 PM PST ~
Register at https://bit.ly/2KWCpSs to get the Zoom Link.
or go direct to the FAR-West YouTube channel:
Polishing Your Live Streaming Act: 
A Music Performance Master Class with Vicki Green, Performing Artist Coach
Thursday, March 25, 2 till 3:30 PM PST
Zoom registration link https://bit.ly/3jkXORU
or go direct to the FAR-West YouTube channel:
FAR-West celebrated Valentine’s Day with our latest Spotify Playlist, titled “Songs of Love”
This edition features love songs from
FAR-West Official Showcasers from over the years.
Please Listen, Enjoy, Follow & Share!!
Here’s our Thanksgiving 2020 Playlist: https://spoti.fi/2ZkQnRG
and our Best of the West Playlist: https://spoti.fi/2OIYsNZ
A Request for Positive Music and Stories
We have been steadily adding positive songs and stories to our jukebox since late last year and we want to include as many of you who want to be included!The Positive Jukebox is never ending! So if you don’t already have a song or story there, here are the instructions on what to send and where: https://far-west.org/positive-jukebox/
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