The Lemonade Stand #6 by Kerry Patrick Clark

What’s New? What’s Old? What’s Confusing and Mysterious?

I smiled as I read these words from the August, FAR West email. Feeling like it was just yesterday when we were singing in hallways and gathering to connect and be everything that I (we) have come to love about FAR West!

Pandemic Paralysis! That’s where I’ve been.  In that weird space between feeling anxious by the viruses (RSV, Covid, Flu) because of autoimmune issues and wondering where I fit in this world (musical, virtual, literal) as I age and as I do my best to exist/exit the craziness of a pandemic and the bold type that fills my news feed every day.

I have yet to answer many of the questions the above two sentences create… but what I know to be true, is, I am who I am – a touchy-feely singer songwriter.  I am authentic. I am genuine!  I TRY to make lemonade out of lemons:-) AND… the world needs me! My music. My medicine.  If I am feeling or experiencing this, I KNOW I am not the only one.  And, the ONLY way I know how to find the light in the darkness is to (thank you Gandhi), be the light I am looking for! So… I sing. I write. I share my songs and experience with the world! It’s not always touchy-feely:-) It’s silly. Fun. Crazy.  And I need that!  WE need that!

Until I can look again in your eyes… I will sing… I will shine. Join me!

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