FAR-West Teaches: “Stream Now, No Waiting” with Dan Navarro

The archive of FAR-West Teaches: “Stream Now, No Waiting” with Dan Navarro (Part 1) is now available for viewing!

Co-Hosts: Joel Tepp & Julie Maxey Zipperer
Video Edited: John Zipperer Music

Live streaming is here to stay, not just as a substitute for in person shows, but as an effective way to connect with and grow your audience. And even make a few bucks. 

And while there is a wide array of platforms, protocols and equipment available – and the sky IS the limit – you can go live now with what you already have, or augment with minimal expense.
All it takes is some thought into how to look, sound and present yourself at your best now. And a few tips and resources for the next stages as they come up.
All of this will be expertly presented by legendary singer-songwriter Dan Navarro of Lowen & Navarro and “We Belong” fame. Dan, who is also a past President of Folk Alliance International, has uniquely unequalled expertise to share, with over 200 livestreams produced in just the last 10 months!

Stay tuned, there is lots more to come!

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