Showcase advisory

Dear Official Showcase applicant:

Before you submit your application (and submission fee) please think ahead AND READ THIS – being accepted for an Official Showcase entails multiple responsibilities.

If you ARE accepted, at the time of the conference, you (and anybody on the stage with you) need to be Folk Alliance International members – there are “small organization” memberships which enable bands to save some money.

You (and everyone in your band attending) need to register for the conference – again, there are “band rates” in the registration process, plus accepted individuals pay the lowest “early bird” rate.

You need to submit your showcase production fee – this helps us pay for the professional sound and light systems and technicians which make you look and sound so good!

You need to be able to get yourself and your band, if any, to the conference site and arrange housing – preferably at the conference hotel. If you are traveling from outside the United States, make sure you understand any visa or other governmental requirements.

Remember, the videos you submit – the videos that could win you an Official Showcase slot! – must represent the way you will perform at the conference. If the videos that the judges rated you on show a trio, we don’t want to get the e-mail that says “our bass player got pregnant and the keyboard guy got another gig, so I’m coming solo.” It’s happened.

You will be asked to submit a stage plot on a form we will send you. And a photo and bios in a specified format.

You will need to meet submission deadlines, and be communicative when we request items from you.

You will need to show up for sound check at the specified time and location in the hotel.

And you will need to have a wonderful, productive, enjoyable conference, make a ton of new friends and get some very cool gigs!

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Steve Dulson tinkersown@ca.rr.com
Marlynn Block msmarlynn@gmail.com
Official Showcase Coordinators 2020

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