Send Us A Song or Story for our Positive Jukebox!

*A Request for Positive Music*

One of the components of the FAR-West website is the FAR-West Jukebox.  In years when we would gather in person, we would ask conference attendees to send a song to be heard on our Jukebox.  We have started to add positive songs from some of our members including the song that greeted those who joined us at the Oct 8th General Meeting … “Everyone’s Welcome Here” by Kerry Patrick Clark.

And now we want to add more upbeat songs, from all of you.  To that end, please send (to farwestfolk at gmail.com) one of your positive belonging upbeat feel good togetherness songs to be added.

– One (1) 192 bit mp3
– Name or Band Name
– title of song/story and title of CD (if applicable)
–  year and label (if applicable)
–  a representative JPG of yourself/OR your band/OR the CD cover
–  a link to your website (or somewhere your music/stories can be listened to)
–  a link to where the song/story can be purchased (if applicable)
–  your email address
– and most importantly, your permission to post this song/story/photo/information on the FAR-West sites (Reverbnation, Website, Facebook, Twitter, and being added to any upcoming mailing list posts), streaming only.

You can listen to the jukebox here: https://www.reverbnation.com/farwest – or you can find it on the homepage of our website in the row that includes the jukebox, our youtube channel, and our Spotify playlist.

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