Now See Hear Songs & Art: Round One

Here are the songs that were used in Round One as inspiration and the artworks that were produced. Click on the link to hear the song and on the art to open a larger version.

RothAireene Espiritu: Put Back Charlie
Painting by Robyn Roth, Los Angeles




CquoncreationsBeth Marlin: I’m A Stranger
Collage by cqcreations, San Francisco Bay area




Dawn moon pieThe Better Halves: Kentucky Fried Pickin’
Baked treats by Dawn Mundy, Kansas City


FacianeBritta Lee Shain: Pacific Coast Highway
Digital art by Alexander Faciane, Los Angeles


RocheChicago Mike Beck: Get There When I Get There
Digital art by Joe Roche, Los Angeles


MurphyEric Schwartz: Minimal
Photo by Cameron Murphy, Louisville


Danni DHali Hammer: In A World Gone Mad
Digital art by Danielle DeFrancesco, Branford, CT



J Klein 6Jack Brown: Hot
Digital slide show by Joel Klein, San Francisco Bay area (slide 6 shown)



SchollJaspar Lepak: I Know A Woman
Digital art by Kiff Scholl, Los Angeles



ZamoraJC & Laney: When It Comes To Love
Photo by Silvie Zamora, Los Angeles



MaccarinJean Mann: Button In The Grass
Painting by Julie Maccarin, San Francisco





John Roy Zat: I Got A Devil In Me

Drawing by Anna-Maria B. Cool, Garfield, KS




BehpoorniaJohn Roy Zat: I Got A Devil In Me

Painting by Kimia Behpoornia, Los Angeles




DurkanMaurice Tani: Twisted
Photo by Angela Durkan, Los Angeles



Cessna retouchedMelissa Greener: Transistor Corazón
Sculpture by John Cessna, Kansas City (rendering of the eventual sculpture)



Katy Moynahan, 9Reid Jamieson: Take Me To The Sea
Painting by Katy M, Los Angeles



A Miller This OneRic Taylor: I See Jesus
Photo by Andrew Huxley Miller, Fort Myers, FL





McGowanRita Hosking: Out Of Rain
Photo by Patrick McGowan, Los Angeles



B NicholsSeverin Browne: My Love Mo Betta
Digital art by Bryan Nichols, Los Angeles


M. StevensSpark and Whisper: Ghost Town
Photo by Monique Stevens, Littlerock, CA



A Brokes lightenedSpark and Whisper: Little Tree
Fabric art by Audre Brokes, Philadelphia




DobsonTracy Newman: I Just See You
Drawing by Bryan Dobson, Long Beach, CA




Bridget Moynahan, 6Wes Weddell: Got Out Some
Painting by Bridget M, Los Angeles


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