New Voices in the West 2021

You are invited to perform!

If you are a first timer at FAR-West, you are eligible to participate in the New Voices PGS Showcase. Just indicate on your registration that you are a first-timer and you want to perform in New Voices. Recognizing that the venue operators and DJs in attendance appreciate having a “one-stop shop” where all the wonderful talent attending their first conference can be discovered, FAR-West has established the New Voices in the West Showcase Room.

Invitations to perform will be sent to newcomers in the order they register for the conference. Performance slots will be awarded in the order that invitees respond. This process will continue until all performance slots are filled. So to make sure you secure a “prime time” spot, register as soon as you can and respond to the invitation without delay!

New Voices performances are held during PGS times on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The New Voices format is as follows: Each artist has a 15 minute set, followed by a 5 minute changeover break. Everyone who performs must be registered for the conference. To maximize participation, a newcomer may perform in only one slot. Performers must be attending their first FAR-West conference to be eligible; however, they may be accompanied by non-newcomers. These showcases begin at 10:30 PM after the Official Showcases are over. People then settle in to the Private Guerrilla Showcases (PGS) that are held in the hotel rooms reserved for those events. You are also welcome to contact other PGS presenters to book times in other rooms. (Note: Any artist who is selected for an Official Showcase or Venues’ Choice Concert will not be eligible for a New Voices spot.)

The 2021 New Voices in the West coordinator and host is Joe Peters.

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