The Now See Hear Project

Several months before the October 2015 FAR-West conference, twenty-one songs by FAR-West artists were secretly given to twenty-one visual artists (professional and amateur) who created paintings, photographs, drawings, digital art, collages, sculptures and baked goods (no joke) based on those songs. This project was developed by Phil Ward and he called it Now See Hear.

The invented-for-FAR-West Now See Hear Project can now claim to have inspired at least 80 new original songs and at least the same  number of original works of art. (The numbers are probably higher by the time you read this.) So that’s about 160 new creations for the world’s eyes and ears (and, in several cases, the world’s tastebuds), all because people signed up for the NSH Project.

Watch this video to see what it’s about.

AND just launched, FAR-West’s Now See Hear project now has its own brand new stand-alone website. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the project, Phil is giving it its own web address: https://nowseehear.org

The songs, stories and artwork are organized into related threads. Several of them are currently viewable; eventually we’ll get all 21 of them online. And we’re not stopping—the project will keep going and going until the stars fall from the sky (the same amount of time that Jim Morrison said he would love us).

If you have questions, comments, requests, and/or want to get involved as a songwriter, storyteller or visual artist, write to Phil Ward at philwardlive@att.net. Phil wants to thank all the musicians, storytellers, artists, craftspeople and bakers who have contributed to the project so far. And FAR-West’s Mike McCornack should be thanked especially hard, for volunteering to help build the Now See Hear website and teaching Phil everything he knows.

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