Last Reminder!  2020 Board Elections Open for Nominations

Date:  February 1, 2020

To:  All FAR-West Members

From:  Susie Glaze, Secretary 

Re:  Last Reminder!  2020 Board Elections Open for Nominations

Here is your last reminder that nominations for the 2020 FAR-West Board of Directors are in progress. 

Interested individuals may nominate themselves or nominate another person by sending the name and email contact to Susie Glaze, FAR-West Secretary, at susieglaze@gmail.com.  Criteria for nominations are that all Board members must either live in or be affiliated with the FAR-West region and be members in good standing of FAI or join with their election. Nominees will need to provide a short biography (150 words) and a brief, two-sentence statement about why they want to serve on the Board.  The guidelines are on our website.  Those nominating someone need not provide the photo/bio/statement, just the name and contact information for the person being nominated. Nominated candidates will be contacted to verify their willingness to serve if elected.

Nominations will close on March 1st. The final slate of candidates will be presented to the membership on March 14.  Voting will open on March 20th (FAI will execute elections on the region’s behalf) and continue until April 20th. Election results will be announced on May 1. 

Current members of Folk Alliance listed as affiliated with FAR-West will receive ballots.  In order to vote in the election, you must be a current member of Folk Alliance (you can update your FAI membership here: http://www.folk.org/). 

The correct list of current Board Members are listed here

This is your last reminder regarding this process.  Thanks for your attention.

In harmony,

Susie Glaze

Secretary, FAR-West

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