How to Showcase

• What is an Official Showcase?

FAR-West Official Showcases are juried showcases that allow artists to present themselves to talent buyers in a concert environment, with stage, lights and sound. Each showcase is 25 minutes long. Showcases run on the Friday and Saturday evenings of the conference.

• How are Official Showcase artists selected?

A team of judges reviews submissions by each artist. This team of judges then selects the group of Official Showcase Artists that they feel represents the best and most diverse array of talent from the pool of showcase applicants.

• Why is there a fee to apply for an Official Showcase?

The Official Showcase application fee is standard procedure for Folk Alliance Conferences. This fee helps us to put on the conference, and at the same time, ensures that those who apply for an Official Showcase are serious about their commitment to marketing themselves through the showcase process.

• Why is there an additional Showcase Production Fee?

Your showcase is a marketing opportunity for you to present yourself to presenters in attendance at the conference. The production fee helps offset costs of stage, sound and lights, as FAR-West is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. The actual cost of setting concert rooms with professional sound and lighting for two nights far exceeds the dollar amount we receive from submission fees and showcase fees.

• What is a Private Guerrilla Showcase?

Private Guerrilla Showcase (PGS) rooms are privately run and privately funded showcases held on one floor of the conference hotel. The rooms are rented by individuals at their expense through FAR-West, which holds insurance on these rooms. PGS room hosts must sign a contract with FAR-West agreeing to the terms by which Private Guerrilla Showcases may be presented. The selection of artists presented in each room is at the sole discretion of the room’s host.

• Who hosts Private Guerrilla Showcases at the conference?

Many rooms are sponsored by house concert hosts, venues, or artist collectives. Often, artists team up to share the expense of presenting a room and create showcase opportunities for themselves and other artists. It is common for hosts to ask for payment for these showcase slots to offset room expenses. In addition, FAR-West sponsors two showcases that do not cost performers:  “New Voices” PGS Room for artists attending their first FAR-West conference and the Susanne Millsaps Memorial Coffeehouse that is open to all performers.

• How can I get to play in private showcases at the conference?

Showcase room hosts are listed on the FAR-West website as they sign their contracts and pay for their rooms. You may contact these hosts individually to request information about how they choose artists to perform in their rooms, and if they charge a showcase fee. Remember, these are private showcases and artists performing in these rooms are at the invitation of the hosts. For New Voices and Susanne Millsaps Memorial Coffeehouse, you can indicate your interest and sign up at registration to request performance spots.

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