Giving Tuesday

On Giving Tuesday and every day afterwards, please think about donating to assist musicians and participants in all other arts in the struggle to survive, thrive and create. In this time of much danger, and need – musicians, writers, artists, dancers and creators of every other description are the shining lights to help lead us out of the darkness.

Today is a special day to focus on assisting these folks along with the caregivers who risk their own lives to help save all of us.

Here are some links especially for people in the FAR-West Region to help get your giving started. There are many more:

In addition, for those of you who find yourselves without cash to give, here is an article about a couple of Seattle teens that might inspire you to share your creativity with your neighbors in a way that is rewarding and productive for you and uplifting for those around you.

#GivingTuesday  #farwestconnects


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