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Press Release: Idaho Songwriters

Press Release: Durango Songwriters Expo

Press Release: Yosemite Songwriters Retreat

Press Release: The Woodshed Sessions Present “Americana Bridge”

Press Release: Spotlight on KC Cafe Radio 

Press Release: Jim “Kimo” West & Slack Key Hawaiian 

Press Release: Beth Wood with “She’s Speaking” 

Monday, November 8th will be “Funny Gals & Guys” hosted by Phil Ward with more Community Spotlights to come in 2022.
Stay Tuned!  

FAR-West Community Programming – Born from a union of connection and diversity.

Just as a large city has many neighborhoods with distinct flavors, FAR-West has dozens, maybe hundreds of groups of people with common bonds that are part of their unique Community. Each Community Spotlight tells the story of the genre, location, organization being spotlighted and gives us musical examples from artists of excellence as part of that story.

Commonalities can include cities, rural or suburan locations, many styles of music, or dance, or spoken word arts. It can be a product of age, or appreciation of nature, or of bookstores and the variety of listeners, players and presenters they attract and so much more.

In our Community programming, we will be reaching out all over the West (and possibly even beyond) to present a platform where we can all learn and appreciate more about our region.

Our diversity makes us richer. Knowing about each other makes us stronger. We learn from and inspire each other. We are our Community.

To submit your organization, venue, or genre please email Jeanette Lundgren at Jeanette@far-west.org and/or Julie Zipperer at Juliez@far-west.org

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