FAR-West Community: Yosemite Songwriting Retreat

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Monday, June 7th, 7-9 PM PDT

Direct Link: https://youtu.be/2zH3kGwEm2E 

FAR-West Community: Yosemite Songwriting Retreat
Hosted by Gail Dreifus and Adam Burns
Featuring Karla HuttonDan Gross, Vera Bridges,
David Hansen, Adam BurnsGail Dreifus
Just Added: Joe Craven (not performing)
to talk about Music Camps
highlighting YSR, Rivertunes and Vocali

Yosemite Songwriting Retreat celebrates the craft of songwriting and the art of performing original songs. Our mission is to support songwriters of all skill levels and genres, create an inspiring and supportive community and provide a safe space where individuals can express themselves through music.

Karla Hutton draws from her own personal experiences of fear, hope, loss and love to tell stories that allow the listener to take their own journey of self discovery through song that is healing and familiar. She believes that’s the true magic and power of story telling.

Dan Gross: From his early days, Dan loved to sing, especially harmonies. His musical passion playing Bluegrass and folk has been broadening with high school and college choruses, musicals, and Christmas Revels productions. He continues to create music via songwriting, singing, playing banjo and double bass.

Vera Marie Bridges is a northern-California based singer-songwriter and fiddler-about-town who has performed in several bands over the last ten years or so. She plays and writes in a variety of genres, including folk, swing, blues, honky-tonk, country, punk, and rock-n-roll. Her first album came out in 2017.

David Hansen: In his 20s he picked up a guitar and wrote a few songs. In his 40s he started acting in local community theatre. After that he went to RiverTunes and YSR. Through the safe environment of these music camps he found the courage to share some of his songs and actually recorded his first CD in 2014. Music will always be his way of connecting and giving back.

Adam Burns draws on art rock, post-punk and new wave influences to create dynamic and melodic songs full of rich imagery and wry humor. His lyrics celebrate the strange and magical things that thrive beneath the surface of everyday life in a world where superheroes, witches and arsonists rub shoulders with bored housewives and small town hustlers.

Gail Dreifus: Gail’s music draws on experiences of buying a guitar at Goodwill at 13, and growing with words and experiences from that point on. That includes love, loss, walks and desire with a bit of salt and honey.

Joe Craven wears a lot of hats. He is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, music producer, creativity educator, actor, visual artist, eulogist, music festival emcee, fashion “insultant” and former museologist. For over 35 years, Joe has made a living playing forward folk tradition and process by mashing up ideas and sound tools from a variety of unexpected places, creating new music altogether. Joe has made music with Jerry Garcia, David Lindley, David Grisman, Alison Brown, Howard Levy, Vassar Clements, Rob Ickes and many other innovative artists. He is a featured artist/educator in the PBS television series, Music Gone Public, and Joe has created music and sound effects for commercials, soundtracks, computer games and contributions to several Grammy-nominated projects. From Carnegie Hall to street-corner busking, around the world and back – Joe’s at home and loving every minute. As an award-winning educator, Joe has taught with jazz vocalist Inga Swearingen, bassist Victor Wooten, children’s music innovator Paul Reisler and jazz percussionist Jason Marsalis. He’s the Executive Director of Vocáli Voice Camp plus RiverTunes and WinterTunes Roots Music Camps in California, the recipient of a Folk Alliance Far-West Performer of the Year Award and the Swannanoa Gathering’s Master Music Maker Award in North Carolina where Joe has taught for well over a decade during Fiddle Week and Contemporary Folk Week.
https://vocalicamp.com/ and https://rivertunesathome.net/

FAR-West Community Programming – Born from a union of connection and diversity. Just as a large city has many neighborhoods with distinct flavors, full of unique people drawn together, FAR-West has dozens, maybe hundreds of groups of people with common bonds spread throughout our region.

Commonalities can include cities, rural or suburan locations, many styles of music, or dance, or spoken word arts. It can be a product of age, or appreciation of nature, or of bookstores and the variety of listeners, players and presenters they attract and so much more.

In our Community programming, we will be reaching out all over the West (and possibly even beyond) to present a platform where we can all learn and appreciate more about our region. What are they up to? How do they do it? What can I learn from them? What do I have to offer them to help them with their needs?

Our diversity makes us richer. Knowing about each other makes us stronger. We learn from and inspire each other. Tune into FAR-West Community programming. It’s  musical and cultural vitamins for your artistic life.

Press Release: Community
Date: May 31st, 2021
By: Jeanette Lundgren,
FAR-West Board Secretary
& Communications Director

Folk Alliance Region-West (FAR-West) – www.far-west.org
Julie Zipperer – farwestpublicity@gmail.com

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