FAR-West Community: Idaho Songwriters

FAR-West Spotlights: Community 
A series of virtually hosted events celebrating
the rich cultural musical diversity of FAR-West.

Monday, May 3rd, 7-9 PM PDT
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FAR-West Community: Idaho Songwriters, hosted by Lee Penn Sky.
Featuring Dan Costello, Bruce Michael Miller, Tracy Morrison, Jeff Crosby, and Lee Penn Sky.

Idaho Songwriters Association
Their mission is to nurture the creative art of songwriting and foster the relationship between songwriters and the community.

The Idaho Songwriters Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement and promotion of songwriters throughout Idaho. Based in Boise, the ISA welcomes songwriters from all genres to participate in our community and events, and to use the ISA as a platform to develop, showcase and promote their art.
Learn More: http://idahosongwriters.com/about-us/

FAR-West Community Programming – Born from a union of connection and diversity. Just as a large city has many neighborhoods with distinct flavors, full of unique people drawn together through a wide variety of similarities, FAR-West has dozens, maybe hundreds of groups of people with a common bond spread throughout our region.

Commonalities can include a city location, a style of music, or dance, or spoken word arts. It can be a product of age, or appreciation of nature, or of urban bookstores and the variety of people they attract and so much more.

In our Community programming, we will be reaching out all over the West (and possibly even beyond) to present a platform where we can all learn about who else is in our Region. What are they up to? How do they do it? What can I learn from them? What do I have to offer them to help them with their needs?

Our diversity makes us richer. Knowing about each other makes us stronger. We learn from and inspire each other. Tune into FAR-West Community programming. It’s vitamins for your artistic life.



Press Release: Community
Date: April 26th, 2021
By: Jeanette Lundgren,
FAR-West Board Secretary
& Communications Director

Folk Alliance Region-West (FAR-West) – www.far-west.org
Julie Zipperer – farwestpublicity@gmail.com


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