FAR-West Communication Lists: FAQ

FAR-West maintains three different community lists:

  1. Our e-newsletter mailing list, where you can keep up-to-date on details about FAR-West news, activities and our annual conference. You can subscribe using this link.
  2. Our FAR-West email Discussion List, at this link and described below. Also includes conference updates.
  3. Our Gig List, for those who would like to share information about their upcoming gigs.  Sign up for the gig list here.


The following FAQs explain how the Discussion List can be used to maintain the core community spirit of FAR-West.

1. What is the purpose of this list?
The FAR-West Discussion List was created primarily for Folk Alliance members in the Western U.S. to discuss matters related to the organization and its annual conference as well as foster community and explore issues related the mission and goals of the organization. List membership is not currently restricted only to FAR-West members. An interest in folk music, regional venues and house concerts is assumed. You do not have to be in the folk music business to participate, but keep in mind that many readers of the list are musicians and/or active in supporting folk and traditional music in the West.

2. How do I join?
Subscribe to the FAR-West Discussion List by visiting this link. The list is available in the form of individual messages or a digest. A digest is automatically created once a certain amount of messages have been submitted or a 24-hour period ends (if no messages were submitted, no Digest is issued). You may use this link to change your subscription from individual messages to Digest as well as unsubscribe. This link is at the bottom of every message that comes from the FAR-West list.

3. What topics are usually covered here?
In the late Summer and Fall months, list discussions tend to center around the annual conference. Throughout the year, list members are encouraged to pose questions, share ideas, seek advice and start topics related to our goal of raising the visibility of folk and acoustic music in the west, and creating a professional network of artists, presenters, non commercial radio broadcasters and supporters. Self-promotional posts, like crowdfunding, or looking for votes in contests, are best kept to your mailing list and social media and not to the FAR-West listserv.

4. I’m new to the group. What do I do?
You may “lurk” for awhile before posting The primary purpose of the list is to share ideas that advance awareness of folk and traditional music in the FAR-West region. Remember that many list members participate in other lists, and many are busy writing songs, presenting talent or securing grants. If your topic has something to do with advancing folk and traditional music in the West, it will be welcome.

5. Can the FAR-West list help me plan my tour?
The FAR-West Discussion list was never intended to be a vehicle for booking whole tours or tour/venue schedules. But when you are looking for “fill-in” dates when you have a void between “here” and “there” or if a venue or a performer has holes in a tour or season that need to be filled or needs to replace a cancelled gig, the FAR-West Discussion list can help to meet that need.

6. Can I post my gigs to the list?

FAR-West has created a list for gig announcements only. Sign up for the gig list here.

The Discussion List is intended for FAR-West events and business, as well as significant issues for performers and venues. Also welcome are announcements such as the opening of a new venue; a major music festival; the maiden presentation of a brand-new music series; or a new house concert series. Remember to use your subject line to provide the fanfare for such announcements.

7. Can I add FAR-West posters’ email addresses to my own gig list?
Unsolicited email traffic is now regulated by law. It is strongly recommended you secure a person’s agreement before adding them to a list or making that person jump through “unsubscribe” hoops to get off it. Whether you are contacting a venue or trying to book a particular artist, the best way is to send them a single, personalized email.

8. I have a gig, but I need a place to stay!
The FAR-West Discussion List, to the extent possible, can provide the digital equivalent of a community bulletin board and used for legitimate requests for accommodations, advice or recommendations. Again, try to be specific in your subject line, just as you would on a bulletin board: “Need place to stay in Arcadia!” is more descriptive than “Help me!”

If you have additional questions about the FAR-West Discussion List, please contact the List Mom.

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