FAR-West Board Criteria

FAR-West Board Criteria

General qualities: We are a working board within an all volunteer organization which requires assuming a leadership role in some aspect of the conference and year-round operations of the organization.

  • Maintain membership in Folk Alliance International (FAI) at individual, affiliate or group level (required).
  • Willing to devote a significant number of hours throughout the year to FAR-West planning, organizing and oversight.
  • Enthusiastic about and committed to promoting the values stated in the Folk Alliance and FAR-West mission statements.
  • Open minded and committed to supporting the best interests of FAR-West in its entirety.
  • Dedicated to helping FAR-West maintain and grow itself as an organization that serves a diverse membership representing a variety of expressions and interests within the Folk Arts universe.
  • Able to collaborate in a group process that may involve disagreements of opinion while maintaining a cooperative and cordial discussion.

Desirable Experience (Only some will apply to any one individual.)

  • Music business experience, including publishing, venue or festival operation, booking or management, artist development, broadcasting, publicity, video production and anything else related to the business of music that we may have left out.
  • Connections and past/present activities in the folk art communities.
  • Music education experience including music camps, schools and conferences.
  • Board level or other leadership experience with other non-profit organizations or successful business entities.
  • Event planning experience, especially related to conferences.

Specific traits that would balance and strengthen the FAR-West board at this time. (Only some will apply to any one individual.)

  • Well connected in the music business, especially folk, acoustic or songwriter related, particularly in the geographic areas within our region that are not currently represented on the board.
  • Experience with accounting, financial management and/or fundraising.
  • Proven capability and current connections in publicity and communication skills.
  • Website and social media experience.
  • Connections to traditional folk, dance or storytelling worlds.

Current FAR-West Board:
Carey Appel, President (CA)
Susie Glaze, Vice President (CA)
Jeanette Lundgren, Secretary (OR)
Ronnie Weinberger, Co-Treasurer (CA)
Marlynn Block, Co-Treasurer (CA)
Janet Dukes (NV)
Steve Dulson (CA)
Nancy K Dillon (WA)
Steve Garvan (ID)
Peter Krantz (CA)
Mary Anne Moorman (WA)
Marni Rachmiel (WA)
Joel Tepp (WA)
Julie Zipperer (CA)
Bill Wence (TN/FAR-West affiliated)
Gaby Castro (CA)
Reese Tanimura (WA)



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