Common Questions:

Can’t see the video?

We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome for the best viewing experience

Many times, refreshing the page will fix any issues and allow the video to play correctly. Please try refreshing your page to see if this fixes your issue

If you are using Safari, please do the following steps

  • Go to Setting
  • Click “Privacy and Security
  • Disable “Prevent cross site tracking” and “Block all cookies”

You may have to refresh your page after these steps.

Who do I contact for technical assistance?

Please try the troubleshooting guide above, labeled “Can’t see this video?” If that does not work, please email support@tribalmischief.com

Is the event available for replays?

YES!! One of the really cool features of our conference is our after event on-demand access. Based on your ticket type, you will have either 30 days of replay access or 365. Just use your same access code to re-enter.

What engagement tools can we use?

We have several methods of engagement. Live chat corresponding to the video currently airing, Q&A tabs so you can ask direct questions, and polls! Be sure to check them all out.

I see videos that say “Coming Soon”. What does that mean?

If the video thumbnail says “Coming Soon”, check out the video details for that session will be live! At that time, that video will automatically open up and the video will become available! If you feel it is past the time and the video isn’t available yet, try a simple refresh if need be.

I want to learn more about a particular speaker or performer.  What do I do?

Easy! Check out our “Performer & Speaker” tab to the right of your video, click on the speaker you want to know more about, and connect with them on their social medias.

How do I know when and where a speaker or performer will be speaking?

For any schedule and location questions, feel free to use the agenda tab to the left. It will show you all the time slots and sessions along with the room they’re in. Then simply click on the “media” tab, choose the room, and then the session.

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