Volunteering at FAR-West

On-Site Volunteering at FAR-West

There are a number of on-site volunteer positions already identified and we need your help to make the conference successful. When you register, indicate your willingness to volunteer and the conference area(s) you prefer.

Limited compensation is available for on-site volunteering. If you elect to be compensated, the work hours are computed as follows: 4 hours of volunteer work will be compensated at $25, and for 8 hours or more of volunteer work you will be compensated at $50.  If you choose not to receive compensation, you will be considered a volunteer angel. 

If you have elected to be compensated, and once your work hours are computed, you will be contacted in order to receive a check to cover those work hours.

The Larman Memorial Scholarship fund is also available for attendees that goes directly to support registration fees. A conference volunteer who receives a Larman Scholarship is not eligible for volunteer compensation.

To volunteer for any position, indicate your interest on your registration and you will be contacted.

The Volunteer Coordinator is Susie Glaze, susieglaze_at_gmail.com.

CURRENT VOLUNTEER POSITIONS (subject to change or additions)


Registration desk on-site volunteers


Ticket sellers

Panels and Workshops

Panels & Workshop moderators and monitors

Venue’s Choice Concert

Door Monitors

Stage Hands

Green room attendant

Official Showcases:

Stage hands

Door Monitors

Green Room attendant

Susanne Millsaps Memorial Coffeehouse (SMMC)

Stage hands

Door monitors

Storytelling Expo

Door monitors

PGS Floor

PGS Floor Support

Networking Center

Center manager for set up & break down

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