Hosting a Private Guerrilla Showcase (PGS) 2021

The Private Guerrilla Showcase (PGS) floor is always buzzing with music and activity. At FAR-West 2021, PGS showcases will begin at 10:30 pm and end at 2:00 am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

If you have any questions about hosting a PGS room or would like help in planning your room, email Susan Wageman, PGS Coordinator.

HOSTING A ROOM: Hosting a PGS room is a great way to meet people, present yourself and others, and put yourself in charge of the music. The 2020 cost is $185. per night (which may change for 2021) (which covers the room rental, taxes and FAR-West’s insurance costs). We’ve kept the cost of PGS rooms as low as possible given the increased cost for hotel rooms. Also, you can sleep in your room on the nights that you host.

There are a limited number of rooms and bed choices on the PGS hallways. Priority goes to three night PGS rooms, but rooms must be reserved for a minimum of two nights (Friday/Saturday or Thursday/Friday/Saturday). If you want to host for one night only, find a friend to share hosting the other night(s) with you. There may be some single night rooms available after the scheduling. The deadline for reserving is August 4, but reserve early so you can get your PGS schedule submitted on time for publication in the conference guide!

All performers in PGS rooms must be registered for the conference.

HOW TO: Pay for your room through RegOnline when you register or log in again if already registered. Then download and submit the Private Guerrilla Showcase Contract to Susan Wageman to finalize the reservation for your PGS room. Your PGS room is not finalized until you submit your contract.

Download 2020 PGS contract (2021 contract to be added)

PGS hosts may reserve up to 5 additional chairs for their rooms by indicating it on the contract. They also can purchase up to 2 Guest Passes per night for $10 each in advance on the registration site (preferred) or up until 4 pm on the day of the pass. Guest passes allow individuals onto the PGS floor to help a host and enjoy the music as audience.  Passes are good for PGS rooms only, not for any other conference programs. The passes are NOT for guest musicians to perform. You will receive your guest passes at the registration table.

Frequently hosts charge a small fee to artists who play in their room to offset room expenses. However, some do not charge at all. We would encourage you to keep it reasonable and appropriate for the time allotted. Example: a 25 minute set could be $20, and an in-the-round with 3 or 4 other artists could be $10. These fees are suggestions only. Making a profit on a PGS Room is strongly discouraged. For other ideas on hosting, see Suggestions for Hosting, prepared by our previous PGS Coordinator, Carey Appel.

For an interesting perspective on hosting a PGS room, download and read this blog posting by Michael Gaither from September, 2010. BLOG: Hosting A PGS


FAR-West books the PGS room block through the hotel and holds liability insurance for the evenings of the PGS program. That is why the cost of PGS rooms is higher than a regular hotel sleeping room.

No Amplification Rule: Private Guerrilla Showcases are intended to be unamplified performances. We recognize that some instruments or unique situations, such as electronic keyboard and electric bass require some amplification. For this reason small amplifiers are allowed when absolutely necessary. We do not, however, allow sound systems to be set up in private guerrilla showcase rooms and there is no general vocal amplification. Also, drums may only be played with brushes and cajons or other drums must be used at a low level. The key is to keep the sound at a level that will not create a problem for nearby PGS rooms or other floors.

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