Movers & Shakers

The organizing committee for FAR-West 2021 is called the "Movers & Shakers". There are a number of volunteer coordinator positions that have been identified, but we still need additional volunteers to make the conference successful.

Below is a list of positions by area, including those that have a coordinator. If you are interested in helping in any area, please let us know by clicking here. There's always room for more volunteers!

Conference Organizing Committee

Hotel Coordinator:  Michele Dulson
Registration: Janet Dukes

Sound Bids Team: Jeanette Lundgren and Joel Tepp

Communications & Social Media:  Jeanette Lundgren

Instagram: Karrie Pavish Anderson and Clara Baker

Website and Tech: Matthew Moran and Jeanette Lundgren

Forms (SurveyMonkey & Doodle): Mark Kaufman

Publicity: TBD

Radio Outreach: Nancy K Dillon

Spotify: Nancy K Dillon

Signs, Banners & Logos (pre-conference and onsite): ­ Tom Pickles

Video/YouTube: Michael Hall

Sponsorship: Joel Tepp

Partnership: Jeanette Lundgren

Canada Outreach:  Michelle Demers

Roz & Howard Larman Memorial Scholarship: Jeanette Lundgren

Networking Center: Kray Van Kirk

Registration: Janet Dukes and Susie Glaze

Panels and Workshops: Matthew Moran and Gaby Castro

Panels and Workshops/Master Classes: Joel Tepp

Mentoring Sessions: Jeanette Lundgren

Best of the West: Stephen Bond Garvan and Julie Zipperer

Venue's Choice Concert: Peter Krantz and John Roy Zat

Official Showcases: Steve Dulson and Marlynn Block

Susanne Millsaps Memorial Coffeehouse (SMMC)/pre conference: Bill Chestnut

Millsaps Emcee:  MaryAnne Moorman

Open Words Expo: MaryAnne Moorman

PGS: Susan Wageman and Carey Appel

New Voices PGS Coordinator & Host: Joe Peters

Program Book:  TBD

Totebags: TBD

Raffle Coordinator: TBD

Volunteer Coordinator: Susie Glaze

Presenter Outreach Team:  Peter Krantz, Julie Zipperer, John Roy Zat, Judi Jaeger, Bob Reid

Youth Outreach: Gaby Castro

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