The Lemonade Stand #9 by Braeden Lewis

(This story is an excerpt from Braeden’s book “Banjos in Babylon”, available here: https://jamalong.org/product/banjos-in-babylon) “Didgeri-dont” My first music fest after Covid was quite a rush. It seemed so surreal as we rolled in, set up camp, and began to pick.  Two tunes in, we had a herd of admirers listening in awe. And it was only midnight! […]

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The Lemonade Stand #8 by Arend Lee Jessurun

Am I “folk enough?”—Towards a Genre-expansive Movement In Fall 2022, my partner Jessica Gerhardt and I were signing up to attend our first Folk Alliance International conference. She asked me, “Do you really think my music is ‘folk enough’ for Folk Alliance?” The thing about folk music is: it’s made by folks, for folks. Blues […]

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The Lemonade Stand #7 by Laura Zucker

Note to the reader: The editors typically request a shorter piece from our bloggers, but because Laura has been away from FAR-West for a time, we have published her longer blog in its entirety. We hope you enjoy it. Hello my fellow FAR-Westians!!! It’s been a while- for so many things. But you’ve never been […]

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The Lemonade Stand #6 by Kerry Patrick Clark

What’s New? What’s Old? What’s Confusing and Mysterious? I smiled as I read these words from the August, FAR West email. Feeling like it was just yesterday when we were singing in hallways and gathering to connect and be everything that I (we) have come to love about FAR West! Pandemic Paralysis! That’s where I’ve […]

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Launching Lemonade Stand

Welcome to the Lemonade Stand! Coming Soon! Watch this space for the upcoming launch of the new monthly blog from the FAR-West Community. This space will be the place for the reconstituted lemonade (formerly known as the “Lockdown Lemonade“) of ideas, trends and stories from our FAR-West membership and beyond, writing monthly pieces of 300 […]

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