Board of Directors Election Results 2020 and New Officers Appointments

Date:  May 7, 2020
To:  The Membership of FAR-West
Re:  Board of Directors Election Results 2020 and New Officers Appointments

It is with pleasure that we announce the results for our 2020 Board of Directors Election.  All members serve 3-year terms.

Incumbents Voted In:
Carey Appel
Joel Tepp
Stephen Bond Garvan
Mary Anne Moorman

New Candidates Voted onto the Board:
Bill Wence
Gaby Castro

Additional Appointment:
Marlynn Block will join the Board by special appointment in order to assist with duties specific to the Treasurer.

Congratulations to all of our candidates and we especially welcome new members!  We thank you all for participating in this important process, and we look forward to working with you!

New Officers Slate Appointed​:​
In conjunction with our Board of Directors election for 2020, the new Board met on Wednesday, May 6th, to establish the new officers slate.  Below are the appointments that were voted in as of the May 6th meeting:

President:  Carey Appel
Vice President:  Susie Glaze
Secretary:  Jeanette Lundgren
New co-Treasurer (assisting Ronnie Weinberger):  Marlynn Block.

On behalf of the Board, we wish to convey our deepest thanks and appreciation to retiring President, Janet Dukes, for her years of service to FAR-West.  We welcome Jeanette Lundgren back onto the Executive Board as Secretary and welcome Marlynn Block as our new co-Treasurer.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the elections for 2020!

Onward, and in harmony,
Susie Glaze
(Former) Secretary, FAR-West

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