FAR-West established the Best of the West (BoTW) awards in 2005 to honor individuals who have maintained an enduring presence in the folk and acoustic music scene in the North American West, and who continue to inspire others by embodying folk values and traditions. The awards have traditionally been presented at the Best of the West luncheon at FAR-West’s annual conference.

To receive a Best of the West award, an individual or organization must demonstrate excellence in one’s craft; an enduring presence in the geographic FAR-West folk community for at least a decade; embody or build upon folk values and traditions; and promote, nurture, foster and expand the audience and opportunities for folk music and musicians in the FAR-West geographic region.

Best of the West and Beyond is a new featured program in our year-round online offerings. Popular presentations have included an interview with Chris Hillman, legendary member of the Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, SHF and the Desert Rose Band as well as with Noel Paul Stookey, one third of the beloved trio Peter, Paul & Mary.  Moving forward, additional artists and legacies in the FAR-West Best of the West tradition will be presented, including previous BoTW honorees. YouTube videos of these and other programs continue to receive a multitude of views and appreciative comments.


Best of the West and Beyond:
Chris Hillman Interviewed by Journalist Randy Lewis

Watch the Full Video of this interview

at https://youtu.be/M6KgLFqzVvI


“Best of the West and Beyond” Online Series Presents
“A Conversation with Noel Paul Stookey”

Watch the Full Video of this interview

at https://youtu.be/ZR1_DVfCJEk

Here is a history of the FAR-West Best of the West Awards plus all of the honorees to date: https://far-west.org/2021_conference/botw/

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