Announcing our 2023 Election candidates!

Dear FAR-West Community,

On behalf of the FAR-West Board of Directors, thank you for your nominations for the Board of Directors. As Secretary and Chair of the Nominations Committee, I am pleased to announce our candidates in this upcoming election:

  • Stephen Bond Garvan (incumbent)
  • Gaby Castro (incumbent)
  • Tim Bruegger
  • Aimée Campbell
  • Michelle Demers Shaevitz
  • Rob Evanoff
  • Elizabeth Fortune
  • Lellie Pittman-Capwell
  • James Lee Stanley
  • Gary Stockdale

We are seeking to fill up to SIX seats in this election, including the two for Stephen Bond Garvan (our current Vice President) and Gaby Castro (our current Treasurer-in-training), who are both running as incumbents for reelection.

Please take this time to read, research, and consider the candidates that you believe will be important and valued voices, organizers, and advisors as FAR-West hones its vision, develops online offerings, and produces our first in-person conference since 2019, which will be in the Los Angeles area Oct 12-15, 2023.

Click here for a brief bio and photo of each candidate or click the orange button:

Candidate Ballot Statements

Some important election dates:

  • Election officially kicks off: on Friday March 31. Ballots will be emailed from Folk Alliance Intl.
  • Election closes: Thursday April 20.
  • New Board members are officially seated May 1.

👉 Are you an Eligible Voting Member? Only  FAI members who are current by this Friday afternoon will be eligible to vote. For questions about or to update your membership, reach out to membership@folk.org or visit https://folk.org/

Eligible voting members are those in current good standing of Folk Alliance International, and located in the FAR-West region (Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Northwest Territory, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and the Yukon Territory).

We look forward to your participation!

Kindest regards,
Arielle Silver
Secretary, FAR-West Board of Directors

P.S. Need that candidate info link again? Click here

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