A FAR-West Folk Unlocked Thank You from Carey Appel

Dear FAR-West family,

What a wonderful virtual experience this week! Many thanks to those of you who came out and performed and participated in the FAI unlocked conference. We loved seeing you there.

Despite not being able to physically be together, the warmth and friendship rang through. I hope you were able to take advantage of the many panels, workshops, and fabulous performances from around the world. Many of these will be available for viewing on pathable through March 6 if there was something you missed. http://folkunlocked.pathable.co

I’d like to extend a special thanks to those who volunteered at our regional booth – Julie Zipperer, Marlynn Block, Gaby Castro-Moroder, Peter Krantz, and Stephen Bond Garvan.

Our showcase committee: Julie Zipperer, Peter Krantz and Joel Tepp for gathering fabulous artists from around the region and beyond.

And to our chat moderators: Marlynn Block, Susie Glaze, Becky Glenn, Gaby Castro-Moroder, and Karen Sullivan. Our Zoom monitors: Karen Sullivan, Celia Chavez and Simon Petty. Publicity, Press Releases and graphics from Julie Zipperer. All of our social media (listserve, blog posts, newsletters, Facebook event pages, twitter and linked in) are provided by Jeanette Lundgren (with instagram help from Karrie Pavish Anderson). Jeanette also did the proofreading along with Marlynn Block.

But the real appreciation goes out to John and Julie Zipperer. Our 3-night showcases would not have been possible without their endless planning and dedication. They both worked tirelessly doing soundchecks and repeatedly working with many artists unfamiliar with the streaming process, bringing them into the livestream world. Then there was testing the nightly technology links between us and FAI, which presented its challenges! On top of that, John graciously hosted each evening, warmly welcoming each artist and keeping all going when technology occasionally hiccupped. It was a huge job, and a professional and heroic effort. We are so very grateful to you, John!

We hope you will frequently visit our website – https://far-west.org/ and join our mailing list at https://bit.ly/3uxiCuP for upcoming campfires, programs, community and educational opportunities; as we focus on becoming an all year round resource and support for you, our members.

Wishing you peace, health, and MUSIC!

Yours in song,

Carey Appel
President, FAR-West

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